Studio Shot


 Clay ca is an artist run 2,000 square foot ceramic studio located in Chinatown Los Angeles offering a range of workshops, access to equipment, a one of a kind glaze chemistry room, pottery wheels, kiln space, and 24 hour studio space.   The studio itself is a place meant to encourage creative growth, experimentation, along with understanding and investigating the structural form of clay.  Given societies hyperactive use of technology and globalization we find the need for a sense of community and being present to be more important than ever.  Overall our goal is to provide Los Angeles with more access to personal interactions, cognitive building skills, and knowledge.  We welcome people of all backgrounds and places.  

Tactile and versatile, ceramics can withstand high temperatures and transform into something unexpected at any moment.  The duality of ceramics is likely why it remains a constant presence throughout time-it has no limits and is constantly evolving into something new. 

Full Membership

$175 per month

Membership includes:

-​24 hour access

-≈6 cubic feet (10,500 cubic inches) of firing space

-Access to all equipment, tools, and supplies 

-Access to our glaze chemistry room

-Access to 6 beginner classes per month

 -Member shelf space

Home Membership

$125 per month

Membership includes:

-≈4 cubic feet (7,000 cubic inches) of firing space

-Access to our in house glazes

-Access to 6 beginner classes per month

 -Access to the space during regular business hours for pick up & drop offs